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We provide high quality custom built audio visual solutions for Education, Corporate and Home users. Weather it’s a simple projector install to multi-screen video walls, we can supply and install at very affordable prices.

Being a family-run business we offer the best service to Corporate, Education and Homes in the Midlands where, over the years, we have gained an excellent reputation for high quality installs with a service which is second to none.

BPF integrated solutions include:

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Welcome to our Education section.

Audio and Visual Technology for Schools and Colleges

Custom made solutions designed specifically to engage, inform and inspire students and teachers alike have been a fundamental part of the BPF AV design criteria in the education arena.

The impact of collaborative and communication technology in this sector continues to be dominant. Universities, colleges, schools, academies and corporate training facilities continue to benefit from the fast pace of technological development.

Audio visual systems continue to influence the way that we teach and learn, providing collaborative environments that allow students to interact with content whenever and however is best for them. Presenting a clear and understandable message is paramount to any teaching process and education solutions. BPF AV are designed to help teachers and educators across all levels.

BPF AV technical sales and design teams are conscious of the financial constraints that many institutions are required to respond to. The satisfaction of our many HE and FE customers is of utmost importance to us and our commitment is to provide best value in products and installed solutions, supported by our technical support network.

BPF integrated solutions include:

Education solutions are by design subject to high levels of continuous and demanding use. For complete reassurance and extended system reliability, At Bpf we offer a comprehensive range of tailored maintenance and service packages to ensure uninterrupted service and the highest levels of return on your investment.

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Welcome to our Corporate section.

Every minute of every day, in business, government, education and the armed forces, thousands of users rely on Bpf for their audio visual technology solutions to deliver their message in board rooms, lecture theatres, breakout areas and training rooms.

Bpf blend the latest in display, distribution and control technology to provide the ultimate experience. Control systems focus on reliability and ease of use, incorporating the world’s leading technology from leading manufacturers including AMX, Crestron, Kramer and Extron.

In addition to essential quality, Bpf solutions also bring many exclusive advantages and benefits, bespoke board rooms, bespoke lecterns, craftsman-built screen consoles, credenzas and furniture, all designed and manufactured to suit your individual requirements. From the simplest projector installation to a fully integrated networked system, we’ll create a quality solution to meet your specific needs, whatever your budget.

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Our Visitor Management systems


Staff, Student and Visitor Sign in Solutions

InVentry is the most trusted site access and visitor management system available, designed with and for educational clients. Our fully-equipped, MIS compatible touch screen system allows you to accurately monitor who is in your school at any one time, with all information securely encrypted to a central database.

If you need a visitor management system that speeds up the sign in process, keeps all information secure, and leaves you feeling confident that your students are safe, InVentry is the solution for you.

With optional modules to allow the creation of staff ID badges with barcodes to speed up the sign-in and out process to a synchronised iPad/iPhone App for external registration in the event of a fire, InVentry can provide you with a comprehensive and cohesive approach to safeguarding your school.

Key features of InVentry

Touch Screen Monitor with Integrated Webcam

This robust but responsive touch screen gives a modern, professional look to your reception or entrance area. The integrated webcam allows you to take instant photos of visitors to create both temporary and permanent ID cards.

InVentry Reception Console

This state-of-the-art console gives office staff full access to the visitor and staff database. With just a few clicks you can perform a database search, print visitor reports and fully manage the system. For complete control over the protection of data, you can create multiple user accounts with different permission levels.

DBS & Safeguarding Module

Serves as your single central record of DBS for staff and visitors.

Full Installation Service and Ongoing Support

InVentry certified technicians will make sure that your whole system is properly installed, tested and that the software is configured to suit your operations.

Staff ID Cards

For staff and regular visitors, InVentry can provide you with high-quality ID badges that work with a barcode scanner, allowing the visitor quick, automated access. The swipe technology available includes Paxton, MiFare, HID, UPC barcode and QR code.

Events Management

Ability to pre-book visitors into the school for events such as parents' evening . Visitors will then be able to print barcoded passes to reduce wasted time at the event.

Staff Notification

Notifies staff that their visitor has arrived by e-mail and/or SMS text message.

InVentry Anywhere

InVentry Anywhere is available on all mobile devices. With InVentry Anywhere, members of staff can remotely sign into your establishment directly from their device, eliminating the need for them to use the Reception Console or Barcode Scanner.

The InVentry Anywhere functionality also includes the Fire App, which allows you to instantly produce a roll call of everyone on-site, including staff, visitors and students.

MIS Integration

The SIMS Integration Module ensures seamless integration between your InVentry System and MIS database. Any changes that are made in your MIS database will be reflected within InVentry, meaning you only need to make the changes in one system.

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The multi award-winning visitor management system
Sleek and stylish, efficient and user-friendly, EntrySign makes signing visitors in and out quicker and easier than ever before. Time consuming and costly paper-based signing in books are now a thing of the past and low running costs mean no need for ink cartridges anymore - just sticky labels.

EntrySign records the attendance of staff, visitors and contractors. In educational an commercial establishments, EntrySign also records pupil & student movements. The easy-to-use Back Office Suite allows you to monitor who is in the building at all times, look-up historical information, generate detailed reports and activate an instant evacuation roll call in seconds.

What EntrySign can do for you

Improve safeguarding

Does your current visitor management process allow you to easily identify if a particular person has ever visited your site?

Do you know exactly who is on site at any point in time, either right now or on a specific date in the past?
If you had EntrySign, the answer to both of these questions would be yes. You can quickly and easily look up historical data and even view photographs of your visitors and contractors.

Reinforce brand & identity

One of the first things your visitors will see upon arrival will be your sign-in process, whether that is currently a digitial or paper-based system.

Entrysign provides a self-contained touchscreen which visitors use to enter their details.

The screen is fully customised with your logo, colour scheme and any slogans/mottos meaning that your organisations image and identity is reinforced as soon as visitors arrive.

Simplify administration

EntrySign reduces administration by replacing traditional paper-based books which are often found on reception desks.

Processes for signing people into your organisation can be made much quicker and efficient with EntrySign. Expected visitors can be pre-booked for an efficient sign-in process using optional QR-codes.

EntrySign for education

EntrySign™ brings together all of the paper-based health and safety and auditing systems that you will currently use in to one unique and easy to use digital system.

Improve safeguarding in your school by having live, up to the minute visibility of who is on site and a wealth of information and reports just a click away.

Staff, pupils and students, authorised visitors such as school governors, supply teachers or peripatetic teachers and even contractors can all sign in and out using dedicated options on the touch screen, and the EntrySign back office suite can track CRB/DBS dates and other essential information.

Join the many schools in the UK and across the world who have chosen EntrySign as their new visitor management system. Each school has it's own front screen design to match their school branding, logo and colour schemes for that personalised touch.

School MIS integration

EntrySign™ integrates with many popular school management information systems including Capita SIMS, Bromcom MIS, Scholarpack and RM Integris making administration simple and automating the process of importing staff and pupils into the visitor management system.

Where the MIS allows, EntrySign™ can even write back to the MIS allowing pupil late marks to be entered or updated automatically including calculating the minutes late inline with your school's attendance policy.

If your school uses a different MIS which we don't currently support, then our developers would be happy to talk with your MIS provider about integration. You can also import staff and students quickly and easily using CSV files or by using our free Active Directory integration.

EntrySign for business, enterprise and corporate customers

The EntrySign™ system has many benefits and features designed to enhance and improve your health and safety procedures and has received universal praise from large companies and public sector organisations through to small and medium sized private businesses.

If you have an unattended reception area, EntrySign can ensure you still have a professional front-of-house for your visitors and deliveries with functions specifically designed for this purpose and notifying you staff by email when visitors sign-in or delivery men and couriers are waiting in reception.

EntrySign is now used in many business, enterprise and corporate environments including offices, warehouses and factories, shopping centres, and government organisations such as the NHS and Fire & Rescue services.

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The award winning all-in-one solution for an immersive business experience!


Clevertouch panels are designed for business. The advanced interactive touchscreens bring the modern workspace to life.

The latest generation of interactive large format touch panels are available in a range of sizes. From 55” through to 86”. These multi-touch panels increase engagement and collaboration for audiences in any setting.

Clevertouch Business touch screens have android built into all models, Clevertouch Pro offers excellent value and when you also consider the peace of mind provided with its 5-year warranty as standard this is a product that will deliver long after your initial investment.


Pro Series

Firstly, the Clevertouch Pro Series, is a powerful interactive touchscreen with a full suite of business software. The Clevertouch Pro Series has a LUX user interface. There is no initial set up or calibration required. It offers full Internet access for teachers as well as allowing them to view files without needing to connect additional devices. It allows for active student teacher collaborations and screen sharing, making learning fun and interactive for students. The software that is included within the Clevertouch Pro Series includes LynxPro Meeting and DisplayNote (optional).


V Series

The other option is the Clevertouch V Series. This offers full touch screen capabilities at a budget conscious price. The Clevertouch V Series has all the essential features of a Clevertouch*. It has anti-reflective glass technology and a HD screen. There is an optional built-in PC, which means there is no need to connect wires or install software to it. The Clevertouch V Series also allows for up to 20- point multi-touch gesture and writing capability. The software that is included within the Clevertouch V Series range includes LynxPro Meeting (optional), DisplayNote, Snowflake, Cleverlynx and Clevermaths.


Clevertouch Downloads

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A solution for an immersive educational experience!

Clevertouch panels are designed for Education. Engage children in ways both new and familiar with the bestselling educational touchscreen.

The latest generation of interactive large format touch panels are available in a choice of sizes. From 55” through to 86”.These multi-touch panels increase engagement and collaboration for audiences in any setting. With Android built in on all models, Clevertouch offers excellent value and when you also consider the peace of mind provided with its 5-year warranty as standard this is a product that will deliver long after your initial investment.

Educational customers can choose between 2 options.


Plus Series

Firstly, the Clevertouch Plus Series, which includes intuitive touch screen controls, common-sense connectivity, and integrated Cleverstore. The Clevertouch Plus Series panel is specifically built for educational purposes. They have an integrated Cleverstore which is ad free and cost free educational app store. It offers full internet access as well as a child-proof screen lock, providing safety and security for teachers as well as their students. An intuitive file management system enables teachers to be organised and with a 20-point multi-touch gesture feature, students can actively collaborate and share their ideas with their classmates. New features include over the air updates, Clever message where screen talk to each other, Clevershare where you can collaborate with android and apple devises.


V Series

The other option is the Clevertouch V Series. This offers full touch screen capabilities at a budget conscious price. The Clevertouch V Series has all the essential features of a Clevertouch screen*. It has toughened anti-reflective glass technology and a HD screen. The Clevertouch V Series also allows for up to 20- point multi-touch gesture and writing capability.

*Without the Cleverstore or any integrated apps of the ‘Plus’ and ‘Pro’ range.


Clevertouch Downloads

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M-Touch Displays for Corporate and Education


The Interactive Flat Panel Display, with the flexibility for you to create your own custom solutions

Combining high quality design, functionality, durability and 4K resolution with the flexibility to create your own bespoke solution.



  • 4K Ultra HD resolution
  • Freeze frame and other key features using remote control
  • 10 point touch toughened anti-glare glass
  • HDMI 2.0 | DP1.2a | VGA | USB3.0 | USB2.0
  • 5 year de-install/re-install warranty (UK)


M-TOUCH Downloads

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Promethean Displays for Business and Education


Product Description

The intelligently-designed Activpanel gives you ease of use. A very intuitive, tablet-like interface which allows you to focus on teaching rather than the technology.

The 4K Ultra HD imagery gives you beautiful visuals which will captivate your students, they’ll give their full attention to your lesson. Lessons will run smoother. The front facing speakers give you incredible sound quality for video, letting the kids enjoy the video/app which is currently on screen.

The InGlass technology enables you to access the industry’s most elegant writing solution, with no script lag or response delays. This lets you not have to worry about slowing down the lesson for the screen to catch up to you, it’s like writing on a whiteboard.

With 20 touch points, 2 students can use 2 hands to interact with the screen, or 4 students can use 1 hand to interact, allowing educational games to be a competition between your students. With education at the forefront, whilst the children are having fun.


The Software

Classflow Software gives you an interactive delivery software that will work in any classroom technology environment. With a broad range of student devices that you can utilise in conjunction with the lesson, students will be immersed with the lesson content.

ActivInspire Software gives you an assortment of tools, images and activities to bring lessons to life in the modern-day classroom. It gives you easy interface options for younger and older students (primary and studio).


Promethean Downloads

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A Home Cinema system usually involves the installation of a large flat screen television or a home cinema projector. We can advise you on all aspects of your system: speakers, AV Amplifiers, projectors, flat Screen Televisions and projector screens (manual pull-down, motorised or fixed) Utilising our devoted team of custom installers we can design and build your dream Home Cinema. Typical Equipment from: Aerial Acoustics, Artcoustic, Denon, Loewe, Digital Projection, Onkyo, Pioneer, Sim2, Sony, Yamaha etc...

Home Cinema Custom Installation

What is Custom Installation I hear you ask? Like the idea of music flowing throughout your home as you move from room to room, but just do not know how to achieve it? Or maybe you love the cinema but can't face the cold wet nights trying to get there? Fed up with a miss match of equipment and remote controls cluttering up your home and collecting dust because it's all too complicated to work?

Well that's where we can help. Whether you are a builder or architect, developer or home owner we are here for you. We offer a complete service from design through to completion. On contacting us you will be appointed a project manager who will be there for you all the way through your project.

Together we can liaise with our dedicated product sales team to help you choose the perfect equipment for your project. Then to design, where we will draw up plans of your room or house showing where and how the equipment you want will be arranged and cabled. From here we move on to the installation process.

Next the cabling infrastructure, either your electrician, or our technicians can install all the cabling required for your system. Then our highly trained and experienced engineers will arrive to fit your equipment and make sure that it is all integrated and working in the way you would like.

We can then provide a programmed single remote so all you need to do is sit back, relax and enjoy in the knowledge you have chosen the best equipment and the best service from a company that truly believes in customer Service.

Examples of just some of the projects we have worked on are shown here. If you like what you see and would like to know more about this service then please do get in touch.

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Service and Maintenance

Protect your investment in your new or existing AV system with a professional AV support contract that guarantees response times in person & is tailored specifically around your needs.

We’re already on hand for companies all over the country and would welcome the opportunity to provide an AV support contract for your business. Whether you need an emergency call out now or a quote for a one, two or three year maintenance contract for the future, please call us today to see how we can help.

Preventative Maintenance

An ‘AV system’ combines various individual pieces of AV equipment into one unique system and although the user interface is designed to be as simple as possible the component parts are often complicated and regardless of the equipment manufacturer nothing is guaranteed for life & can fail at any time. Of course when something does go wrong it’s usually when you need it the most!

Under an AV support contract we try to reduce unexpected equipment failures by periodically servicing, cleaning & testing all your equipment to ensure that everything is in operating correctly & will last as long as possible.

Emergency call outs

When something goes wrong we want to get you up & running again as quickly as humanly possible. We offer our clients telephone support for immediate first line support to queries and can guarantee onsite response times in person ranging from 2, 4 & 8 hours through to ‘next working day’. We understand that some AV systems are critical or in client facing retail environments that simply have to be working all the time and we will tailor our response times accordingly.

If you would like to discuss a new AV support contract for your business or are experiencing problems with any of your existing AV equipment, whether we supplied it or not, then please call us today on 019050640217 and we will do our best to help you.

Replacement equipment

When a piece of AV equipment fails it can often be time consuming to arrange a replacement or repair. Manufacturer warranties vary greatly, the better ones will typically offer ‘3 years onsite’ whereas most will be 1-3 years ‘Return to base’ (RTB). An ‘RTB’ warranty is better than nothing but in reality this means you will have to uninstall the equipment yourself and arrange for it to be sent back to the manufacturer and then wait for a repair or replacement, with no guarantees about how long this will take or when your system will be working again!

Under an Bpf AV support contract we can carry equipment spares specifically for your system so if anything does fail we can leave you with a temporary fix so your system still works and then we will return any faulty equipment to the manufacturers on your behalf & then once its repaired we will return to site and re-install it for you.

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BPF av Ltd are a leading supplier and installer of Commercial, Education and Home audio visual equipment.

Project Management.

To ensure you have one point of contact and that we co-ordinate our technical, sales and installation teams to meet your requirements every project we undertake has a dedicated Project Manager.


As specialists in the Commercial, Education and Home sector we only offer products with a proven track record in these markets. We provide all types audio visual equipment.


All our solutions are designed for the environments in which they will be used. You can be assured of attention to detail in design and installation due to our extensive experience and our quality procedures to ensure products are fit for purpose.


With extensive experience BPF av Ltd have provided Audio visual solutions to Commercial, Educational and Homes across the Midlands, Wales and the South West.

BPF av Ltd have particular expertise in the Educational sector and have proven solutions for these demanding environments.

Health & Safety

All BPF av Ltd staff are directly employed, enabling us to control the quality of the work carried out. All site staff are CSCS accredited. BPF av Ltd also practice continuous Health and Safety development of all staff.


You can be secure in the knowledge that only the highest quality products are supplied and as such are offered with a comprehensive guarantee. The best testament to our product quality is that claims under our guarantee are extremely rare.


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